FAILED ENGINEERING: Ship Launch Gone Extremely Wrong

When the Titanic was built in Belfast the dock was dug out below sea level . They then shored up a massive steel door made of steel with rubber seals around it to keep out the water. When Titanic was ready they opened the door slightly to fill the “lock” and then floated her out to sea nice and safe without and drama or damage where it duly sank ….!

It looked better in the old days with the backwards style launches and that made a smaller wawe too. So why sideways now? To save space maybe. Looks pretty good with the massive wawe though. Check the video below


The US Navy is facing difficult questions about the health of its fleet in the aftermath of the USS John S. McCain’s collision with an Cruiser east of Singapore on Monday, the latest in a series of naval accidents in the Pacific.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson ordered a rare, one-day operational pause in response to the latest collision. And while the cause of the USS McCain crash is still to be determined, the spate of accidents — four since January — suggests there could be a more systemic issue.
Lawmakers and defense analysts are warning that the Navy’s readiness problems — which have led to longer deployments for ships and less time and money for maintenance and training — could be playing a role in the uptick in crashes. This is one crash between Navy and Cruisers. Click for the VIDEO HERE