Buying a new motorcycle is like getting into a relationship. If done with the right one, it can be the most amazing thing in your life.

However, if you jump into it in an impulse, there’s a good chance you’ll end up regretting it pretty soon.

So, before you get out your checkbook and get the machine you lusted for, make sure it’s the one for you.

Here are 10 things you MUST always check before you get a new motorcycle, whether it’s a brand new one off the showroom, or a pre-owned purchase.

1. Engine Temperature

Another problem that plagues those with powerful engines, especially the crotch-rocket folks. A short-spirited ride on that literclass can blow your mind. But, an hour-long ride through traffic can blow your thighs. It’s always necessary to check if the engine heat will be bearable for you for your driving needs and local weather conditions.

2. Seat Cushioning

Don’t just get the bike you want. Get the one you need. If you have to ride for hours every day, getting that sportsbike with a thin-film-like seat really wouldn’t be the best decision for your posterior.

Keep those 2 guys in mind too. You don’t want them sleeping off, in the middle of the ride!

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3. Costs

Most buyers who stick to a budget, just account for the initial purchase price of the motorcycle.

But, that’s where they go wrong. Don’t forget to account for maintenance expenses, insurance premiums, fuel consumption, reliability, spare and repair costs. Over years of ownership, in some bikes these things can add up to as much as the cost of the bike!

4. Brake and Clutch Lever

Some bikes have levers that are closer to the grips, some don’t. Some have hard grips, and some don’t. While it may seem like an inconsequential thing, but it’s not. Imagine having small hands, distant levers which are hard to pull, and riding in heavy traffic everyday!

5. Foot Pegs

See if the positioning of the foot peg suits your comfort and riding style. And if not, make sure that you can adjust according to it.

6. Handle Bars

While they may look pretty comfortable, riding for a long time on a bike with wide-apart handlebars and a forward-riding position can be a pain the rear. In the back, that is.

7. Weight

Something to worry for the smaller ones among us. And in some cases, even the bigger ones. Yes, your bike is big and it looks badass. But, when the time comes and it falls or you’ve to push it by the road or to the gas station, you wouldn’t look so badass if you aren’t able to do it, for it’s so unbearably heavy.

8. Tank Size

For the maximum control of the bike, and especially doing cornering, locking the tank between one’s leg is necessary. However, some bikes, especially some customs come with tanks so wide you can make a football pitch on them.

So, unless you’re the size of an NFL player, do give this a thought. And this especially goes for most women riders.

9. Seat Height

You should be okay if you’re average height. However if you’re on the shorter side, or too tall, many motorcycles can be uncomfortable for you. Especially dirt bikes for the shorter ones among us. You should be able to put both your feet to the ground and balance the motorcycle properly.

10. Engine Vibrations

While there are folks who get a kick out of bikes that vibrate like rusty old things, most of us don’t. Make sure the piece you get doesn’t. This, especially goes out for those looking for a ride in the pre-owned market.