CARNIVAL SECRETS – Watch this Before You Go on a Carnival Cruise!

Before you see the video, please check one experience of the cruiser’s guest:

The first time I took a cruise on Carnival ,l Sal, was in ’03, and it was absolutely fantastic. This on board Carnival Legend. Loud horn blasts when we left NYC, ( I’m not talking about the muster drill, besides that, very long, loud horn blasts) singing waiters and waitresses in the dining rooms, waiters and waitresses with cherries and bananas foster with fire, 16 Carnival singers and Dancers in the main theater with a show that went on for an hour, real stage sets, HUGE!!! midnight buffets.. HUGE!!!!!!! Chocolate buffets!! jesus christ they were huge. Real live Caribbean bands and Orchestras,… It used to be a very happy cruise line. Now, it’s all gone. Now? It’s a stripped down, low budget ghost of what they used to be. First time cruisers don’t mind because they have nothing to compare to. No more fanfare leaving NY. No hornblasts, just a quite understated exit. Now? 8 Dancers. 30 minute shows. No more Carnival Bands. Now they use computer chips with pre-recorded music. No more stage sets. El Cheapo flashing LED lights on the Carnival Stage. Pool Bands? HA! Now it’s a kid with his apple computer, (that froze one day, mind you) Cherries, and Bananas jubilee? LOL!! gone. Chocolate buffets? Stripped. Midnight buffets? Stripped. This is all what Carnival calls 2.0 upgrade, with the addition of a couple of bars. My wife and I have since left Carnival because of these massive downgrades.